How long will my grazing box stay fresh?

Grazing boxes are best enjoyed as fresh as possible but can be eaten the next day.If you are planning to save your grazing box, please keep it refrigerated and let us know when booking.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The larger grazing tables require 5 days’ notice, and the boxes require at least 24
hours. If your event is on a Saturday, we would recommend booking as early as possible as Saturdays are our busiest days! Our online store requires a 100% payment when ordering, if you would like to make a tentative booking with us, please send us an email.

How does it all work? 

You place an order via our online store with selected platters, delivery date and
delivery time window. You will receive an email that we have received your order and another email stating your order is “processing” this means we have booked your order in for delivery. We only contact you again via email if there are any issues with the delivery date or time.

Do you cater for dietary requirements or allergies?

Yes! We cater for majority of dietary requirements and allergies.
Love Italian prosciutto - you got it! Can';t stomach goat cheese? We'll keep it out of your box. Want to substitute olives with gherkins? We will do it. Our goal is to build the perfectly curated grazing box that meets all your needs and preferences.
GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN options are available.

Can I choose what goes in my box?

All boxes are custom made to order. We use seasonal ingredients, but you can
choose to make your box gluten free, vegan or add meats/cheese.
Please note, all graze boxes and grazing tables are subject to availability and what is in season.

Please note that we deliver within Gold Coast only, in the radius of 25 km. If delivery address is not within that radius and order is placed, a refund will be issued and will incur a fee of $5