About Us

What does food mean to you?

That is the question that sparked our whole adventure. Coming from a
Mediterranean background means that, for us, food is about more than just
nourishment. It’s about relationships. People have used mealtimes as social spaces since the dawn of time. When a meal is shared, people also share stories, laughter and friendship. Food brings people together. Food means family.

We wanted to help people come together in the same way that we’ve done for years.In today’s fast paced world, we understand how difficult it can be to find the time and energy needed for catering an event. So we thought: how can we make sure people don’t miss out on that special experience?

The answer came soon enough. Already our friends and family would call on us to
arrange beautiful spreads for their social events. After designing yet another private grazing table, we decided it was time to share this experience with the community. 

Finally, Goldie Grazing was born.

Here at Goldie Grazing, we specialise in designing and crafting elegant grazing
platters for your special occasions. We’re not just another catering company - we
understand that food has a personality. Which is why we love creating custom
grazing platters to suit our customer’s needs. Unlike other companies, we take the
time to regularly source sustainable artisan ingredients to personally curate your
grazing box. When you open your box, you’ll find a selection of the highest quality
ingredients, sourced from local suppliers. We include carefully arranged selections of artisanal cheese and crackers, premium deli meats, sweet treats, rustic dips and fresh local produce. Taste some of the region's finest foods knowing we’ve walked through the local farmers’ markets and hand-picked only the best ingredients to include in our selections. Plus, we’re supporting other small businesses along the way!

We value authenticity. This comes across in our strong customer relationships as
well as our personalised grazing platters. Our customers rely on us to provide
premium service and top-quality products - and we don’t take that responsibility
lightly! Whatever your needs, Goldie Grazing will personally craft your table or box
with care and attention.We’re all about bringing people together, which is why Goldie Grazing is the perfect option for your next social event. Whether it’s a work event, family party, social gathering or special celebration, we have a grazing option to enrich your dining experience. It fills us with pride to know that people are sharing stories and special moments with the help of our unique creations.

Because food isn’t just about eating, it’s about building bonds and creating truly memorable experiences.

Please note that we deliver within Gold Coast only, in the radius of 25 km. If delivery address is not within that radius and order is placed, a refund will be issued and will incur a fee of $5